Trump Jr. Continues Agonizingly Stupid Wall Payment LIE While Ignoring Reality

Donald Trump has been caught in, yet another, lie. He is claiming that during his visit to Mexico he never discussed payment for his great wall. A point Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto debunked in no uncertain terms. However, instead of admitting that he was lying, Trump has apparently sent his son, Donald Jr. to double down on it.

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Confused? Don’t be. You see, it is that whole “keep repeating a lie over and over until people think it is the truth” thing, again.

The fact that Mexico will NEVER pay for Trump’s wall doesn’t impinge on any of the Trump family’s tenuous grip on reality. In fact, Trump followed the visit with a tweet swearing that Mexico will pay for the wall – contradicting Pena Nieto.

The post above, from Pena Nieto says: “At the beginning of the conversation with Donald Trump, I made clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall.”

Yet, here, hours later:

And now, according to Trump, it wasn’t discussed at all.

Trump Jr.’s job in this interview with Fox News was to repeat the lie that payment for Trump Sr.’s Southern Border wall wasn’t discussed. Not just that, but with some of the lamest excuses as to why it wasn’t, trying to frame the situation as “building a relationship” with Mexico so that they could “make a deal.” All while attempting to cast aspersions on Hillary Clinton as someone that has never made a deal. Because, apparently, they don’t know what politicians do.

The entire family seems to need some history lessons, along with current events, since America and Mexico have a long history together, and already have a relationship. (A damn good one seeing as they are one of our top trading partners.) But, that wouldn’t support Trump Jr.’s silly excuses, now, would it?

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Knowing that the discussion was had, and the answer to the fictional possibility that Mexico will pay for Donald Trump’s preposterously expensive wall, was given, just makes Trump Jr.’s entire interview that much more foolish.

Herein is a huge problem, though, because this lie was caught immediately by the foreign government that Trump Sr. lied about. Trump Sr. was in what the Trump camp is describing as “building relationships” aimed at a tough negotiation with a foreign government and then promptly lied to the American people about what was discussed. On. Twitter.

Because building relationships apparently means lying to everyone to make yourself look good.

Do we really need to see any more to know that this man is a disaster waiting to happen?

Watch the reality-challenged interview, here:

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