Donald Trump Jr. Compared Refugees To Skittles And The Internet Responded In The BEST Way (TWEETS)

On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. decided that he had a swell way of showing how dangerous the refugee”problem” is. He tweeted this:

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Almost immediately the tweets began to fly. Some folks didn’t get the racist call-back to Trayvon Martin (looking at you, Brian Williams). But most did. Many people were caught by surprise when “Skittles” suddenly started trending on Twitter:

Some people went the comedy route, showering Trump Jr. with mockery and derision:

Some attacked the racism:

Some got really (and justifiably) angry:


A few waited to see what kind of reply would come from the candy’s maker:

And, yes, a Wrigley/Skittles representative offered the coup de grace:

But the best response was the #SkittlesWelcome hashtag that sprung up out of Trump’s hate:

Philip Bump wrote in The Washington Post about how the real math in this situation would go:

“The chance that an American would be killed in a terrorist attack committed by a refugee was 1 in 3.64 billion a year. In other words, for every 10.92 billion years that Americans live — one Skittle, if you will — refugees will kill an American in a terror attack in three… we’re talking about one-and-a-half Olympic swimming pools of Skittles. Wrigley produces 200 million Skittles a day, so this is the entire production line for more than 54 days, transported to an over-sized swimming pool and dumped in to the top. And in that pool: Three poison Skittles.”

Math FTW.

But it gets even better. Plagiarism apparently runs in the family: someone found where Rep. Steve King of Iowa (he of the “cantaloupe calves”) had used the analogy. He, in turn, seems to have got it from the “poisonous M&Ms” analogy.

No comment yet from Marshawn Lynch.

Featured image via Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images

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