Trump Is Screwed: Fed Judge Rules Trump WILL Face Trial Over Bogus Trump University

Trump is having the worst week in his miserable life and it’s only getting worse. You may recall Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the Hispanic Federal District Judge who Trump attacked a few months back. Well, it looks like Judge Curiel is getting the last laugh.

Judge Curiel has ruled that Donald Trump, founder of the hilariously fraudulent Trump University, must face civil trial for fraud and racketeering under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”).  In hopes of quashing the matter, Trump had moved for summary judgment in a last-ditch effort to block a class-action trial scheduled to begin right after the presidential election.  Yes, this is the guy who Republicans nominated to be their president.

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Flatly denying the motion, Judge Curiel ruled that there were legitimate issues of material fact for trial regarding Trump potentially committing  fraud and racketeering. Should Trump lose, he is liable for three times the damages suffered by the hapless students who paid tuition for what was essentially another fly-by-night Trump scam.  Consequently, Trump stands to lose tens of millions of dollars.

Curiel pointed to plaintiffs’ evidence of each of the following: that Trump had personally reviewed the fraudulent advertising and marketing materials; that holding the institution out as a “university” constituted fraud; that Trump had personally conducted the affairs of the putative university; that Trump had personally exercised substantial control over TU; that Trump did not personally select the instructors when he said in advertising that he did; and that Trump personally participated in a scheme to defraud.  Thus, Judge Curiel has decided that there is a sufficient amount of evidence necessary for the matter to proceed to trial.

Even if Trump is able to use all of his unctuous and scumbag lawyers to weasel out of any culpability by paying off the victims they swindle, never before has a presidential candidate of a major party been so flagrantly a swindling fraudster. The man belongs in an insane asylum, not the Oval Office.

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