Trump Interrupts Hillary To Call Her A ‘Nasty Woman’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has repeatedly shown himself to be a misogynist. That particular character trait has been on full display the last couple of weeks, as he battles the fallout of an incredibly lewd and offensive conversation he had with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush that included bragging of sexual assault in incredibly crude language. Well, if America thought that was bad, they definitely got an earful when Trump took the stage to debate his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

During the debate, Trump openly threatened to ban abortion via the Supreme Court, and repeatedly interrupted Hillary in a very condescending way. The climax of this appalling behavior from a major party presidential nominee came when Trump interrupted Hillary while she was giving one of her two minute answers to call her, quote, “such a nasty woman.” Here is video of that:

In other words, Trump’s misogyny bled over into his debate performance at a time when he and his campaign have been trying to paint Trump as some kind of bastion of championinship for America’s women, and when he desperately needs to reassure women that he isn’t a raging misogynist. The thing is, Trump is so sexist that there is absolutely nothing he can do to change that very true perception. It’s baked in the cake now, and rightfully so.

By the way, if you want to beat Trump and their deplorables at their own game, you can buy a t-shirt with the “such a nasty woman” line on it. Here is an image of it:


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Featured image via video screen capture

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