Trump Inspires GOP Congressional Candidate To Create SUPER RACIST Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

Kentucky GOP congressional candidate Mike Pape is the latest Republican politician trying to ride the wave of populist xenophobia created by Donald Trump’s candidacy.

Pape created an ad depicting three Mexican men crossing the U.S./Mexico border illegally.

In the ad, all three men are wearing anti-Republican t-shirts which read: Stop Trump, Stop Cruz, and Stop Pape. While one man begins cutting the wire border fence, the men enter a conversation about stopping Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The third man, wearing a “Stop Pape” T-shirt, also mentions that they need to “stop Mike Pape too.” He informs his friends that Pape is “the conservative running for Congress who will help Trump build the wall.”

The anti-Cruz undocumented immigrant asks, “Will this Mike Pape help Ted Cruz repeal Obamacare?” The anti-Pape man answers yes in Spanish.

The anti-Cruz Hispanic man gasps and declares, “We must stop Mike Pape!”

Once the fence is cut, the three men sneak across the border. Standing now in foreground is Mike Pape, who says:

I’m Mike Pape and I approve this message. Because no one will stop me from standing up for you.

Here’s the video.

The glaring racism throughout this video is apparent. However, there’s also a more subtle but sinister message buried within the ad.

All three men want to stop Cruz, Trump, and Pape. But, they never explain how they plan to “stop” these men. But consider this, after following Trump’s campaign from day one, we know the billionaire described Mexicans crossing over illegally as rapist and murderers. So in this context, the message that they plan to “stop” these three Republicans can take on a much darker meaning.

Also, keep in mind that all political ads are produced with precise calculations almost like a scientific formula. No one’s going to spend millions of dollars on an ad, and not know exactly what the ad is saying or implying. Mike Pape knew what he was doing.

Featured image mashup via Facebook and YouTube

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