Trump Ignores Pledge To Donate To Vets, Gladly Helps Pay Off Christie’s Presidential Campaign Debts

New Jersey’s garrulous and gargantuan Governor  mounted a presidential run that had virtually no chance of getting off the ground (no fat joke, either). Perhaps only Jeb Bush ran a sadder and more pathetic presidential campaign than Christie. But totally unwilling to show humility or accept actually govern, Christie is naturally kissing Donald Trump’s a$$ in the hopes that Trump gives him some do-nothing, unelectable cabinet-level position. And despite essentially stealing millions of New Jersey taxpayer money to cover attorney fees for his vindictive “bridgegate” fiasco, he’s now asking that they pony up money to help pay off his presidential campaign debts. And he’s using his buddy Donald Trump to help make that happen.

Looking to pay back his buddy for sucking up to him with a glowing endorsement, Trump agreed to appear at  a fundraiser that he claimed would pay off the entirety of Christie’s debt from his presidential campaign. Even though he’s the super rich guy who loves uneducated poor people, the orange mean girl only appeared if residents coughed up $200. That’s right–for 200 dollars you could appear with two of the biggest a-holes on this side of the Atlantic.

But the most despicable thing about all of this–besides Trump and Christie using music from bands that absolutely despise them and ordered cease & desist letters–is how Trump was so eager to lend his appearance to help pay off a failure’s debts, and yet he has left America’s vets in the cold.

I’m referring, of course, to the time when Trump said he’d skip a Republican debate in January to host a rally that he has said raised millions of dollars for veterans. But there’s just one tiny, itsy problem: the vets NEVER received the money. Naturally, military veterans expressed their concern in a very angry but pointed letter to Trump.

It’s now perfectly clear that Trump puts his own petty politics and quid pro quo ahead of real Americans, thus giving us a complete picture into what his presidency would look like.

Featured image via Getty|Spencer Platt / Staff

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