Trump: I Need To Import Immigrants To Work At My Golf Course Because No American Will (VIDEO)

Donald Trump once again made lame excuses as to why he just couldn’t hire American workers at his posh Palm Beach club during an interview on Sunday, explaining to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that it’s too hard to find local employees during the “Palm Beach social season.”

Buzzfeed News recently reported that Trump filed temporary visa applications for 78 foreign workers for his Mar-a-Lago club and golf course.

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Mar-a-Lago’s a very successful club in Palm Beach, Florida, the Mar-a-Lago Club. And during the season, it’s very, very hard to get employees,” Trump said when asked about BuzzFeed News’ reporting on ABC News.

He continued, “We interview. And we have a lot of people. We come with a lotta people. But it’s very, very hard to get people in Palm Beach during the Palm Beach season. It’s called the ‘Palm Beach social season.’ And what we do is we sometimes have to bring people in.

When Stephanopolous pressed him on the number of foreign workers he’s hired, Trump replied, “I don’t hire the people. But if you look at all of the other places in Palm Beach, they’re all doing exactly the same thing because you can’t get people, George.”

Trump has made big promises to bring jobs back to the United States. Putting Americans first is a slogan that lies at the heart of his campaign, but Trump said that his supporters did not fault him for making smart business decisions.

I think the voter understands it,” he said. “Because they understand that I, you know, you’re not reinventing the wheel here with these questions. These questions get asked all the time. I’ve been asked about Mar-a-Lago. I have many places where I don’t have to do that because you have a normal season.

Trump also defended his use of foreign labor to make his products such as ties and shirts, stating that it’s too hard to find American companies who’ll make his products.

Translation: It’s hard to find American companies who will make my products for little to nothing. And I will not pay more and take less profit, no matter how wealthy I already am.

In Trump’s mind, he can’t possibly conceive of sacrificing profits to pay a decent wage or buy from an American supplier. And make no mistake, Trump could easily afford to do these things, and still turn a profit. But to him, it’s all a game and other human beings are just game pieces to be moved or discarded as he sees fit.

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