Trump Hints At Refusing To Debate Hillary, And His Lame Excuse Proves He’s Terrified Of Her (TWEETS)

Trump has a problem with women. Not only does his track record with marriage speak volumes about it, but he also has issues about debating women or even debating around women — remember all the drama about Megyn Kelly and the Republican debates?

I think it’s because the Muscovian Candidate likes to imagine himself a Manly Man like his hero, Putin (who’s name, funnily enough, is one letter away from the French word “putain”), and therefore, can’t be seen in the room with a woman who’s smarter than he is or one that he can’t control.

Or, that’s the only conclusion I can draw from his latest tweet. Back in September — September of 2015 — the two sides settled their debate schedule. Now, in July of 2016, Trump wants to backtrack on that. Why? Because the DNC and Hillary are trying to rig the debates by running them against “major NFL” games.

Yes, seriously. That’s his whole, pathetic excuse. Because NFL games, therefore, rigged debates.

“Major NFL games”

I’ve observed before that Trump is in a difficult position, rhetorically speaking. He ratcheted the rhetoric so high during the primary that he has nowhere left to turn in the general. And without his usual rhetorical tricks, Trump is just an escaped Oompah Loompah pretending to be Mussolini.

So he has to find other ways to manage those optics — like bailing on previously agreed upon debates because of the flimsiest excuses, to avoid having his orange-glazed ass being handed to him:


I feel like I should stress that this schedule was determined in September of last year. The only thing unacceptable is that Trump would rather stay at home and watch American football, apparently, than debate with Clinton about the future of the country.

You’d think that with all their money, the Russian Oligarchy would’ve sponsored an American nativist who’s capable or competent. Or at least someone capable of backing up his own empty rhetoric better.

Of course, it’s not like Americans have ever cared about skill or talent. This is the population that elected an actor from California to the presidency in the 1980s. Trump, as a Reality TV star, is literally the natural progression of that mindset.

As you might expect, Twitter had a field day:

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

tweet 3

tweet 4

Tweet 5

Tweet 6



I think that’s my favorite image of all time. The TP — does it stand for Trump/Pence, Trump/Putin, or Toilet Paper, and, more importantly, is there a difference?

The Muskovian Candidate himself apparently dropped in, as well:

Tweet 7


And, frankly, my favorite exchange of the thread:

Tweet 8


Boom. And not only is he liar, though, he’s a coward, as well. A trait he shares with all bullies and thugs, really.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

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