Trump Hilariously Disavows His Own Convention After DNC Crushes It In Ratings And Reviews

After weeks of promising the Republican National Convention would be a star-studded affair for the history books, Donald Trump’s coronation was a dud. Trump promised top tier athletes, movie stars, and musical talent, but the best he could do was Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr., and one of the Duck Dynasty guys. The whole thing was sloppy and amateurish with blah ratings. It was so bad and the Democratic convention was so much better (getting rave reviews from CONSERVATIVES), Trump literally begged his followers not to watch the last night so their ratings wouldn’t crush his by as much. Egg, meet face.

So of course, Trump is now insisting he had nothing to do with the lousy roster of guest speakers and even lousier production values. In an interview with The New York Times, the Republican nominee said, “I didn’t produce our show — I just showed up for the final speech on Thursday.” The clear implication being that he had nothing to do with how the convention was set up.

But that directly contradicts earlier reporting that Trump was taking charge of the entire affair personally:

From speaking slots to prime-time moments reserved for himself, the television celebrity and Manhattan billionaire is dealing directly in the details of his coronation as Republican nominee to maximize the drama and spectacle of the party’s four-night convention.

‘This is the part of politics he would naturally enjoy, and he wants to control it 100 percent,’ said a high-level Trump campaign source. ‘This is a massive television production, and he is a television star.’

TPM also points out that most of the speakers were directly tied to Trump as an ally or a surrogate, a few Trump employees and several family members. In other words, Trump was absolutely directly involved and he did an astonishingly bad job. Contrasted to the incredibly smooth and polished event that the Democratic Party put on, Trump’s event looks even worse than it already did. Something few would have thought possible.

The bottom line is that the conventions are not necessarily super important in the long run but it does give us a glimpse of how both candidates will perform in their coveted capacity as Commander-in-Chief: Hillary’s convention was highly professional, well-planned and inspirational. Trump’s convention was a poorly executed mess that failed to deliver on ANY of Trump’s promises for a “showbiz” spectacular. And then he lied and said it wasn’t his fault.

Is someone this disorganized and dishonest really someone we want as president?

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