Trump Has Epic Twitter Meltdown, Declares War On Republicans For Abandoning Him (TWEETS)

Donald Trump is in the throes of a colossal melt down. Apparently, he has gone high into his tower to watch television and wage war against Republicans who are jumping ship to get far, far away from his sinking campaign.

This unhinged Twitter Tantrum seems to have been spawned by Paul Ryan’s remarks yesterday where the Speaker of the House vowed to no longer defend or campaign for Donald Trump and called for House Republicans to fend for themselves. In other words, Ryan signaled to the anxious group that perhaps they should go ahead and distance themselves from their party’s presidential candidate and focus on their own elections.

Robert Costa of The Washington Post tweeted about Trump’s whereabouts this morning saying:

“Trump is at Trump Tower, per a person close to him. Watching TV, tweeting.”

The tweet has since been removed.

The Twitterstorm began with Trump making an interesting statement. First, he declared he won “the second debate in a landslide” saying “every poll” called him the winner. Of course, in what seems like deja vu, the polls he cited were internet polls in which people can vote multiple times and therefore aren’t considered scientifically accurate.

Trump doesn’t care about facts or accuracy or science, though.

Well now. It certainly appears Ryan’s statements yesterday (and the Republicans who are bailing on Trump) have struck a nerve. It also sounds like even with all of his insistence that he is winning, Trump knows he really is losing. Ouch. That must really sting.

Trump didn’t stop there. He continued his tirade against Paul Ryan.

And then, he made this alarming statement. He implied that all this time he has been in “shackles” throughout this campaign.

Seriously? What we’ve been witnessing for over a year has been. . . tempered? All of the many deplorable antics made by this presidential candidate were done while… in shackles?


If that is his perception, it can only get worse from here. Oh wait… it does. Donald Trump then pointed out that Democrats have proven to be far more loyal to each other than Republicans.

Hear that, righties? Trump is questioning your loyalty. Didn’t he start this campaign with the idea that Republicans shouldn’t be loyal to their career politicians and vote for someone “different” someone like, him? Now Trump is calling out Republican voters for the very trait that boosted him to the top of the Republican ballot.

Doesn’t that statement also seem to be oddly similar to a mistress questioning the loyalty of her married lover?

Trump’s latest tweet targeting people of his party ended with the menacing line, “I will teach them!”

I’m having my doubts that he will actually teach him anything except how NOT to behave if you wish to keep your reputation of being a decent human being. Not that Donald Trump has ever had such a reputation, the world has known for decades that Trump is a festering boil on the ass of America.

It’s happening, folks. The narcissistic spoiled man-boy is actually seeing some consequence for his actions in what may be the very first time in his life. And, like a two-year-old who was told “no,” he is rolling around on the floor kicking and screaming.

Donald, it’s time for a time out. Stay in your room at Trump Tower and don’t come out until after the election is over. We’ve seen enough.

Featured image via Getty Images/Ethan Miller/Staff

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