Trump Goes Sexist On Clinton And She KNOCKS HIM OUT With Debate Stopping Comeback (VIDEO)

For weeks, Donald Trump and his henchmen have tried to paint a picture of Hillary Clinton that suggests she’s physically and mentally unfit to be the next president.

Whenever Clinton coughed, they would claim she had one foot in the grave. When she fainted on 9/11, Trump and his people were pounced with glee. Then we discover she tried to tough it out with walking pneumonia, and suddenly they turned that into an attack on her honesty.

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So going into the presidential debates, everyone was waiting for Trump to unleash some sort of attack on Clinton’s health. And once it started to become apparent that he was losing the debate, the billionaire did just that.

When addressing the issue of race in America, Trump said:

“You look at the inner cities, and I just left Detriot, and I just left Philidelphia. And I just…You know. You’ve seen me I’ve been all over the place. Uh, You decided to stay home and I mean that’s okay…But I will tell you. I’ve been all over and I’ve met some of the greatest people I’ll ever meet within these communities. And they are very very upset with what their politicians have told them and what their politicians have done.”

Clinton’s response was perfect.

“I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And yes I did. And you know what else I prepared for?”

There was a slight pause before she continued:

“I prepared to be president and I think that’s a good thing.”


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The expression on Trump’s face following Clinton’s comeback was priceless. See for yourself.

Some critics pointed out that Clinton’s “gotcha line” came off as rehearsed. But isn’t that sort of the point she was making?

The point is that Clinton did rehearse, she studied, and prepared, not just for one debate, but also for an important job that entails far more significant consequences for bad decisions than low TV ratings and lawsuits.

America saw just who the real adult was in this contest and at the end of the day that’s the person you hire to do the most important job in the world.

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