Trump Goes On Sexist Rant Against Michelle Obama In New Campaign Low (VIDEO)

Over the last few weeks, we’ve watched in slow motion as Donald Trump’s campaign supernova’d but due to degeneracy pressure, has thus far resisted becoming a black hole. The spiral of madness is still an interesting and terrifying one to watch, though, and it took yet another spin this Friday when Trump launched into a sexist tirade against one of the classiest first ladies in recent memory — beginning with an out-of-context quote used as a sexist insult.

“A bunch of babies”

Trump’s basic swipe consists of an attack against Michelle Obama, accusing the first lady of disparaging Hillary during the 2008 Democratic primaries. Trump launched into the attack on Friday during a rally in North Carolina, telling the audience:

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“We have a bunch of babies running our country, a bunch of losers. They are babies. We have a president, all he wants to do is campaign. His wife, all she wants to do is campaign,”

“I see how much his wife likes Hillary, but wasn’t she the one that started the statement: ‘If you can’t take care of your home, you can’t take care of the White House or the country’?”

Ooh, burn. That’ll teach those women to think they can do something other than Kinder, Küche, und Kirche.

When the first lady made those remarks (and she did so several times), she usually followed them up with a story about how she and her husband, then-Senator Obama, had to adjust their lives to make sure that they didn’t slight their daughters:

“Our view was that, if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House. So, so we’ve adjusted our schedules to make sure that our girls are first, so while he’s traveling around, I do day trips.”
“They just know that I was at home to tuck them in at night, and it keeps them grounded, and, and children, the children in our country have to know that they come first. And our girls do, and that’s why we’re doing this. We’re in this race for not just our children, but all of our children.”

You can read those as an anti-Clinton attack if you want to . . . or, as that notoriously left-wing and horribly biased anti-conservative website Politifact notes, you can read them as a comment made by someone who was proud of her family and how it rose to face the challenge of running for office.

It depends on context. Sort of like the context here is a horribly sexist one implying that women shouldn’t be campaigning (unless, you know, they’re his poor wife — I pity that woman, honestly), because he’s losing and he’s getting desperate.

Ever since Trump’s tape in which he bragged about sexually assaulting women became public, the first lady has emerged as yet another voice against him, calling for people to support Clinton. The alternative this cycle is an escaped Oompah Loompah wearing a caterpillar threatening the world with a nuclear existential event; I don’t know why so many Americans find this a hard choice but apparently they do. That says more about this country than any number of insults Europeans could ever hurl at us.

Does anyone else find it deeply ironic — almost to the point of being insulted — that Trump has the wherewithal to accuse others being big babies? The man who spent almost the entire second debate whining about it being unfair, whose skin is so thin it’s a miracle he hasn’t frozen yet, calling others babies?

Spray-tan Hitler here literally has no room to accuse others of being thin-skinned. If it weren’t for the deranged tossers jumping in with him, he’d be the dictionary definition of “thin-skinned.”

That’s not the kettle calling the pot black, mind you. That’s a shit-filled diaper demanding someone take a shower because something stinks.

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