Trump Goes Full Clint Eastwood, Starts Bragging About His Chairs During Speech (VIDEO)

At the 2012 Republican National Convention, guest speaker Clint Eastwood started talking to an empty chair. The premise of that bizarre sketch was that Eastwood was supposed to have been lecturing President Obama. You, know putting that boy in his place? However, in truth, it just looked like a senile old actor talking to an empty chair.

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Fast forward to July 1, 2016. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (which sounds even crazier than Clint Eastwood talking to a chair) is addressing a crowd in Denver when he notices something that he can take credit for.

And as we all know by now, Trump never misses any opportunity to give himself credit for anything.

Trump said:

Oh, you can sit? Oh, that’s good. See, we supply chairs. How many people do that? Nobody else supplies chairs. Nobody else. Only Trump.

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It would be easy to dismiss this as a mildly funny joke if this was any other politician, but with Trump, we know he truly believed what he said. And that’s because he’s a narcissistic megalomaniac in love with the illusion of power.

What does being in love with the “illusion of power” mean?

It means that Trump likes the idea of being in charge. He also loves taking credit when he makes good decisions, but doesn’t like the idea of being held accountable for bad decisions. Let’s look at three examples:

  1. Trump University: Trump is currently being sued by his former students for promising them a quality education and delivering only debt.
  2. Trump Casinos: Trump bankrupted multiple casinos, and while many lost their jobs, he walked away leaving employees and lenders holding the bag.
  3. Trump Airlines: Trump owned an airline which went bankrupt and he then defaulted on his loans and turned the airline over to his creditors.

So if you’re expecting policies, solutions, or ideas from Trump, you’ll be left sitting at a table in a very expensive restaurant while he “runs to the car” to get his wallet.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube

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