Trump Goes BALLISTIC Over New York Times Calling Him A Liar, Threatens To Sue With Made Up Law

On the heels of Trump’s very bad week, he decided to devote a day to absolutely losing his mind on Twitter because a newspaper called him a liar. In the span of 24 hours, it went from funny to sad to embarrassing. And Trump doesn’t appear to be finished.

The New York Times caught Trump’s ire for the crime of accurately describing his recent defense of birtherism as a complete-and-utter lie. Today, the paper published three separate stories eviscerating Trump’s blatant attempt to whitewash his actions.


Infuriating Trump more, NYT columnist Maureen Dowd went on CNN and described Donald Trump as a man who is, at his very core, essentially unhinged and devoid of empathy. Again, the facts were beyond dispute, but it clearly made Trump livid to hear it said aloud on a major network.

It’s an open secret that Trump spends roughly 18 hours a day obsessing over what network television and major newspapers say about him. He’s quick to slam places like CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, but he also seems incapable of ignoring them.

By nighttime, Trump’s campaign still hadn’t managed to wrangle away Trump’s phone and the endless meltdown continued in earnest. Just before taking the stage at a rally, Trump took his tantrum to the next – albeit, inevitable – level: He threatened to sue the New York Times – because they hurt his feelings.

People, with and without law degrees, were quick to point out that “irresponsible intent” is not a real thing. Nor would Trump be able to win a lawsuit against the New York Times for accurately portraying him as a birther – something he himself has repeatedly bragged about on camera over the years.

However, it’s not inconceivable that Trump’s lawyer really did tell him that he could sue a newspaper for reporting on things he doesn’t like. His long-time attorney is Michael Cohen, a man whose lack of intelligence is now legendary thanks to an mind-boggling exchange on CNN.

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In one last hilariously ironic twist in this story, this tweet is still pinned to Trump’s son’s Twitter account feed.


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