Trump Gets Ignored In The Third Debate, And It Was Magnificent

The third Republican debate wasn’t Donald Trump’s shining moment. In fact, it wasn’t anything special for the now waning Republican presidential frontrunner.

Sure, he poked fun at some of the other candidates. Yes, he talked about how much money he’s made. You betcha’ he complained about his treatment. But he also exposed himself as quite the imbecile. In his closing remarks the Donald told the audience how he (along with Ben Carson), called CNBC and demanded that the debate time be cut from three hours to only two hours — because apparently three hours is way too much for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, he may very well face a woman who sat through eleven hours of testimony during a congressional committee, unfazed.

Thankfully, moderator John Harwood called it like it is, asking Trump if his presidential hopefulness is nothing more than a “comic book presidency.” Trump’s response? “It’s not a very nicely asked question.” On at least three different occasions, Trump blasted the moderators for their “ridiculous” or “nasty” questions, which he felt were unfair to him.

Needless to say, Trump has complained after every debate for their treatment of him. Americans are getting tired of it. That might explain why Ben Carson is starting to overtake Trump in the polls.

Perhaps if Trump put a little more effort into explaining the details of his proposal as he does his whining, perhaps he could come off as a serious contender. However, given his past comments ad outbursts in the other debates, this one didn’t wow me, shock me or even anger me.

Donald Trump, for me at least, has lost his mojo. It’s not even entertaining anymore. It’s just drivel.

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