Trump Gets HUMILIATED After Whining About States Refusing To Give Voter Info To His ‘Voter Fraud’ Panel

Donald Trump threw a temper tantrum on Saturday morning because states are refusing to cooperate with his bullshit “voter fraud” panel.

As you may recall, Trump created the panel in response to losing the popular vote, which he insists he won because he claims nearly 3 million people voted “illegally.”

Even Republican secretaries of state know Trump is full of shit, but that’s not stopping him from pursuing an investigation anyway.

But so far, the panel has turned up nothing. That’s because voter fraud is exceedingly rare in this country. In fact, the panel has so little to do that members are requesting that the panel take a look at Russian interference in the 2016 Election, the same Russian interference that helped Trump win.

And as it turns out, states are not enthused about handing over voter information to a panel designed specifically to persecute people.

In fact, 28 states are refusing to cooperate with the panel’s request for the information.

According to The Hill, a letter “signed by commission vice chairman and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), asked for names, addresses, birth dates and party affiliations of registered voters in each state. It also sought felony convictions, military statuses, the last four digits of Social Security numbers and voting records dating back to 2006.”

That’s a hell of a lot of information that most voters would see as a violation of privacy if the information were to be released. It seriously sounds like such information would be used to target Democratic voters.

The refusal to cooperate sent Trump into a hissy fit in which he actually had the gall to refer to the panel as “distinguished” and accused the 28 states of having something to hide. This coming from a man who is desperately trying to stop the Russia investigation and has repeatedly refused to release his tax returns.

Twitter users were quick to humiliate Trump for this tweet.

Trump’s panel is nothing more than a joke designed to stroke his own ego. He lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. He’s a loser and he needs to get over it.

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