Trump Gets His A** Handed To Him By British Lawmakers For Lying About Rising Crime Rate In UK

Donald Trump stuck his foot in his mouth again and pissed off our closest ally.

A recent report indicates that the crime rate is rising in the United Kingdom due to gang-related activities and hate crimes against Muslims.

Of course, rather than read the report to understand it, Trump took to Twitter to bellow about how “radical Islamic terror” is the cause and seemed to promote his Muslim ban as the way to “keep America safe!”

Trump’s ridiculously uninformed commentary on the crime rate in the United Kingdom did not go over very well with British lawmakers, who promptly humiliated Trump with facts.

Labour Party MP Chris Bryant told Trump to back off and reminded him that America has a massive gun violence problem.

“Butt out of it mister president,” Bryant said. “You have more murders in New York or Chicago every year than we do in the whole country so we’re not going to take any lessons from you.”

Labour Party MP Stephen Doughty chimed in by telling the Daily Mail that Trump is “talking nonsense” and also took aim at Trump for not doing anything to stop mass shootings in America.

“Donald Trump would be better placed looking at issues in his own country such as the huge number of deaths from gun violence which despite repeated atrocities from Sandy Hook to Las Vegas, the US government have failed to take action on,” Doughty said.

Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson slammed Trump as well, and went so far as to blame Trump’s xenophobia for the rise in hate crimes.

“Hate crime is up and it is fueled by the kind of populist xenophobia you peddle,” she said.

Needless to say, the British people were not happy about Trump’s comments either.

Once again, Trump made a fool of himself and demonstrated why America is a joke on the international stage.

Featured Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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