Trump Gets Chumped In New Poll

Since announcing his campaign in June, business mogul Donald Trump has soared to the top amongst all Republican presidential wannabes. Of all 15 declared GOP candidates, Trump leads with 18 percent in CNN’s most recent poll, conducted July 22-25.

Meanwhile, former frontrunner Jeb Bush got bumped back to second place, taking 13 percent. Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker took third, but with only eight percent, leading most of the remaining Republican slate by only a slim margin.

However, even though Trump led all Republicans, he did the worst of the GOP candidates in direct comparison to the Democratic candidates.

In the same poll, The Donald took only 38 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 57 in a head-to-head competition, in which respondents had to choose between the two. Against Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump fared slightly worse, scoring the same mere 38 percent to Sanders’ 58.

The other top Republican candidates did better than Trump in head-to-head, but were still losers in a general election. Both Clinton and Sanders defeated them, as well. Bush did the best, scoring 46-51 against Clinton, and losing by only one (47-48) against Sanders. Walker did 43-53 against Clinton, and lost 42-48 to Sanders.

So, in other words, Republicans – Donald Trump is your worst nightmare. (A dream come true for Democrats, though! Hell, he has the lead in your support – but is still the biggest loser? Man! We’re talkin’ ICE CREAM! Blue ice cream!)

And that brings up the question of: just who is supporting Trump? Demographically, his supporters are white, male, Evangelical, ages 50 and older, who make over $50,000 a year, and who live in suburban and rural communities. And while that might be the plurality of today’s Republican supporters, it ain’t but a shadow of the total registered voters in the U.S. Probably the most important demographic factor – a chunk of the Trump Troupe aren’t even registered voters. And he can’t win if his supporters can’t vote.

It must be noted, though, that although he’s leading their polls, even Republicans don’t think Donald Trump will win the GOP nomination. Thirty-nine percent – more than twice Trump’s 18 – think Jeb Bush will be on the final ballots in November 2016.

Featured image by  Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia

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