Trump Flip-Flops On Minimum Wage: Doesn’t ‘Know How People Make It On $7.25 An Hour’ (VIDEO)

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is known for changing his mind on a whim, so it isn’t exactly shocking when he announces that he now thinks the exact opposite of what he said last time somebody brought the topic up. His latest policy flip-flop is that he no longer thinks the minimum wage is “too high,” now he thinks maybe it’s too low… not that he intends to do anything about it as president, though.

Trump appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, and despite the fact that in the last debate he said he thought the federal minimum wage was “too high,” today he said that he “doesn’t know how people make it on $7.25” and thinks the minimum wage needs to be raised.

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Why the sudden change? According to Trump, it’s because as he has been traveling around the country on the campaign trail his eyes have been opened to the plight of the working class. But that doesn’t mean he has any plans to take action himself if he were to make it into the White House, rather he’d prefer to have the states set their own minimum wage.

I have seen what’s going on,” he said. “And I don’t know how people make it on $7.25 an hour. Now, with that being said, I would like to see an increase of some magnitude. But I’d rather leave it to the states. Let the states decide.

Watch Trump’s latest flip-flop:

(His comments on the minimum wage begin around 3:25)

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