Trump Fires Attorney General For Refusing To Enforce His Illegal Muslim Ban, Government In Chaos

Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is receiving widespread, worldwide backlash. On Monday evening, things took an even more dramatic turn amid sustained protests around the nation and world when acting Attorney General Sally Yates came out and ordered Department of Justice lawyers not to argue in favor of Trump’s bigoted ban. Well, of course, Trump cannot stand to be crossed, so he promptly fired Sally Yates.

Here is the tweet featuring the statement from the White House, describing Yates as “weak” on borders and immigration. Notice how clearly it was written by Trump himself (“weak,” “betrayed,” “time to get serious”):

Now, Trump has named right-wing stooge and Eastern Virginia U.S. Attorney Dana Boente as acting Attorney General until he can push through an even bigger bigot in as his permanent Attorney General, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. Boente’s Wikipedia page has already been adjusted accordingly:

On the other end of the moral spectrum, Yates has gotten her own Wikipedia update:

Of course, Sessions is a fever dream of right-wing racists everywhere. He was deemed too racist during the Reagan administration by a GOP-controlled Senate to be confirmed as a federal judge, and has a long and storied history of open bigotry.

The firing of Sally Yates comes after she directly and flatly refused to enforce the Muslim ban Trump instituted by executive order. Many parts of the order were already found to be patently illegal. The rest will surely wind up in the Supreme Court very soon. Yates refused to allow harm to come to refugees while this order is still untested in the courts.

This is nothing but a political temper tantrum from a man baby with far too much power and responsibility. Trump’s Muslim ban is just that. It’s nothing to do with immigration or national security concerns. It is an unconstitutional, and, more importantly, un-American religious test. We are better than this.

Kudos to Sally Yates for standing up for what’s right, even though she likely knew that it would cost her her job. This is what real American patriotism looks like. #RESIST.

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