Trump Finally Admits His Poll Numbers Have Tanked, Says He Doesn’t Like Polls Anymore (IMAGES, VIDEO)

The latest poll numbers for a Clinton v. Trump General election are in for this week and… wow.

According to Real Clear Politics, who gathers polling data from almost any poll you can think of, the race is looking distinctly blue. This graph shows that Trump’s numbers have fallen dramatically since the last week of May.

This graph shows Trump's numbers taking a dive.

This graph shows Trump’s numbers taking a dive.

The top six pollsters all show Hillary Clinton with a lead of between 2 and 12 points. We can argue the merits of polls and how flawed they are. We can point out that they still only call telephone land lines and that the questions can be biased, but even Fox News’ poll shows Clinton up by 3 points. That’s got to mean something when all of these pollsters agree.

In the face of these new polls Donald Trump, who used to love polls, has now decided that he’s not their friend anymore because they don’t say what he wants them to say. ABC News Tweeted the video on Saturday:

This is what a petulant child says when confronted with a truth they don’t want to hear:

I think I really helped the polling business. I talk about polls, right? I love polls. But only if I’m winning. I don’t like them otherwise.

So there! Poor Donald. He’s undoubtedly thinking back to last year when he was alone at the top of the polls. Ah, the good old days… They were the days when the Donald led the GOP hopefuls by so many points he couldn’t even count them on his tiny, baby hands.

But those days are over. We’re heading into the General Election and Trump is going to find out that his racism, misogyny, bigotry and anger aren’t going to fly for the general electorate. His supporters are a fraction of a fraction of the eligible voters in America. And that fraction cannot put Trump in the White House.

But let’s not get complacent. Defeating Donald Trump will take all of us voting blue. We can’t sit back and assume that others will do it for us, and we can’t refuse to vote for someone other than the guy we wanted. This is maybe the most important election of our lifetimes. Let’s not blow it.

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