Trump F*cks Himself By Admitting Russia Interfered With 2016 Election To Help Him Win


For months, Donald Trump has denied that Russia meddled in the 2016 Election on his behalf. That changed on Friday night after his aides apparently failed to take his phone away from him again.

In yet another Twitter slip-up, Trump admitted that Russia DID interfere with the election, and then he tried to blame it on President Obama.

Keep in mind that this tweet comes after months of Trump referring to Russian meddling as “fake news” and a “hoax.”

He has also accused Democrats of making up an “excuse” for why Hillary Clinton lost. As it turns out, Hillary Clinton “lost” because Russian hackers messed with our democratic process.

Not only did Russian hackers hit voting systems in 39 states across the country, all at the direct order of Vladimir Putin.

Rather than take issue with this, Trump has been busy thanking Russia by doing things they want him to do such as not endorsing Amendment 5 of NATO, which provides common defense if a member nation is attacked by Russia. Trump is also trying to remove sanctions placed on Russia by the Obama Administration and has refused to open an investigation into Russia’s cyberattack against us.

But the bottom line is that Trump has finally admitted that Russia interfered with the election.

Blaming Obama, however, is nothing more than Trump scapegoating in an effort to save his own ass.

President Obama did slap sanctions on Russia in retaliation, but he was unable to do anything at the time because Trump was out there claiming that the election was rigged. If Obama had made a move to stop Russia, Trump would have used it as evidence to support his claim.

Twitter users mercilessly mocked Trump for it.

It’s not only time to oust Trump and his entire administration, it’s time to hold a new presidential election. It is clear that Russia attacked our democracy to help Trump win. Therefore, Trump and his administration are totally illegitimate.

Featured Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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