Trump Fans Cry ‘Discrimination’ After Being Mocked By Employees At Virginia Restaurant (VIDEO)

A woman is complaining that she and two teenage relatives were treated poorly at a suburban Richmond, Virginia restaurant after a Trump rally last week. Shannon Riggs and her cousins attended a rally for the presumptive nominee, then stopped at the Colonial Heights location of a Cook Out restaurant to get something to eat.

Riggs and her party were wearing Trump t-shirts and the standard “Make America Great Again” hats when they walked up to the take-out window of the Cook Out. Riggs says that when the employees inside saw them and what they were wearing, she heard someone say “Hell no, I’m not serving them!”

Eventually, after what was described as “a few minutes of discussion,” someone took their order. But Riggs says that “everyone was laughing and giggling” as they waited. After this mockery, she decided she had had enough and asked for their money back. The money was refunded and they left in search of somewhere else to eat.

Lauren Wolfrey, 16, who was with Riggs, had this to say:

Once you witness [discrimination] first hand, it’s a totally different experience. I was in a state of shock.

The irony of being a Trump supporter and whining about being discriminated against was apparently lost on the teen, since there is no indication that she has changed her mind about her support for The Donald. (Not that it matters anyway, since she isn’t old enough to vote in this election.)

Of course some on the right are complaining that this situation is the same as the cases where businesses have been sued for refusing to make cakes for same-sex weddings. Red Alert Politics says,

While liberals scream moral outrage over a Christian baker who refuses to make a cake f0r a gay wedding, they’re more than willing to deny service to Donald Trump supporters.

First of all, have any liberals come forward in defense of what happened at this Cook Out? None that I’m aware of. The employees’ behavior towards these women was improper insofar as it involved their failure to fill the order the same as they would have done for any other customer. Sure, laughing at them was very unprofessional — if it was directed at the women, which isn’t completely clear — and should have brought a rebuke from management (and probably did).

But the differences between this situation and that of the “Christian” bakers are easy: 1) In this case, the person or persons who refused to serve these women was not the owner of the company or the store. They were just employees. The store’s manager would have almost certainly taken care of the problem, and perhaps that is exactly what happened. 2) Despite the mocking, the women’s orders were taken, and they would have eventually received their food. I’m not defending their treatment, but comparing this to the whole same-sex wedding cake issue is pure nonsense.

In the end, Riggs’ complaint was handled by Cook Out’s corporate offices. A spokesperson for the company issued this statement:

Cook Out is, and always has been, a politically neutral company. We welcome all customers regardless of political affiliation. Regarding the refusal of service at our Colonial Heights location, the situation has been resolved and was resolved that night per Cook Out policy.

Poor little Trump-sters had their feelings hurt. As the fictional Mr. Dooley observed, “Politics ain’t beanbag.”

Here’s a report on the incident, via WTVR:

Featured image via WTVR

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