Trump Fanatic Calls On ‘Lone Wolf Patriots’ To Shoot Black Protesters At Republican Convention (VIDEO)

The more time that passes, the less Trump’s rabid followers are able to conceal just how racist they are. His devotees among the KKK, Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists are desperate for a race war and one of them has literally started to call for violence against Black Lives Matter protesters that dare to show up at the GOP convention in July:

A disgraced police officer called on militia members and “lone wolf patriots” to bring their guns to Cleveland to do battle with black protesters at the Republican National Convention.

“I am encouraging patriots and Trump supporters and those that support liberty and freedom to come lawfully armed with lethal and non-lethal weaponry,” said Jim Stachowiak, a right-wing activist and former police officer, in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

Stachowiak is standing in front of a large “Trump Make America Great Again” banner while wearing a Trump t-shirt and hat. One gets the distinct feeling that if there were Trump underoos, he’d be wearing that as well. Oh, and he’s toting a large gun because of course he is.

Just as an aside, I don’t usually make fun of speech impediments but it’s REALLY hard to take this guy’s macho chest beating seriously with that lisp. It’s like trying to look intense while drinking through a straw; it just doesn’t work!

The uber patriot goes on to say, “Come prepared, because this may spark another revolution. It won’t be decided if that spark turns into a bonfire by we who love liberty, for we will defend, not attack. We won’t act, but we will react.” The “bonfire” that he’s talking about is the all-out race war that the white supremacy movement has been waiting to start for decades. They want it so badly they can taste it.

But why, exactly, is Stachowiak worried about the Black Lives Matter; a peaceful anti-police brutality movement? Because BLM has advocated for black supremacy and the death of all non-black people, therefore, they represent a threat to America, freedom and blablabla. Of course, BLM has done nothing of the sort and this is just the fever dream of cowardly white men who have read The Turner Diaries one too many times. Like most racists, Stachowiak is afraid of racial equality because without a rigged system, white people won’t have all of the unearned advantages they mistake for “superiority.” An even playing field is a terrifying concept to them.

Here’s seven minutes and thirty seconds of a lisping jackass dying to announce to the world how much he hates black people and that’s why he loves Trump:


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