Trump Fan And Firefighter Loses Job After Calling For The Return Of Slavery

A firefighter in South Dakota is out of a job this weekend after publicly announcing — via the most effective vehicle for discerning racists from non-racists, social media — that we should reinstitute the practice of slavery.

Oh, and it probably won’t surprise you to know that he’s a Trump fan, too.

“Make slaves again”

John Nygaard is a former Dell Rapids, South Dakota firefighter who lost his job after making a social media post where he encouraged reinstitution slavery.

According to the local ABC affiliate, KSFY, Nygaard reportedly made not one, but several posts on Facebook that sparked some outrage against him.

The comment that landed Nygaard in so much trouble was a response to a former Kansas State University student named Paige Shoemaker. Shoemaker made a post that went viral last week, featuring a picture of herself and another white friend wearing a L’Oreal clay facial mask.

The mask made it appear as if she was in blackface, and her caption read: “Feels good to finally be a n*gga.”

It’s every bit as tacky as it sounds. Way to go, white people, you make me cringe every time I acknowledge I share a skin tone with you.

As a result of her post, Paige was expelled and posted an apology and explanation detailing the incident, but Nygaard, whose job it is to save people, took the opportunity to air his thoughts about race and express support for none other than Donald Trump — because that’s an appropriate place for it, I suppose.


The whole thread is a basket of disgusting. “Why can’t you just forget about it” and  “some people just want to live in the past” — probably stated by a person who proudly flies the flag of a country that not only betrayed the United States but’s been defunct for the last two hundred years. Of course, that’s not living in the past, that’s getting in touch with one’s heritage. They’re different because, reasons.

She was in blackface. She made a racial slur. That’s not “blowing it out of proportion” — that’s a proper response. You can pretend to “know” all you want; what she did was racist. That makes her racist.

The real show-stopper, though, is Nygaard, who arrives to tell us that “we should make slaves again.”

Yes, please, tell me again why we should just “let it go.” It’s not like Nygaard is a figure in the community or anything — well, not anymore.

Dell Rapids Fire Rescue gave a statement on their Facebook page shortly after this, announcing that they’d terminated Nygaard:

“John is no longer a member of our volunteer organization. Dell Rapids fire would like to apologize on behalf of our former member for his insensitive and narrow-minded comments on Facebook. This is something we take very seriously and this type of thinking will not be tolerated by our members.”

Congratulations Dell Rapids Fire Rescue for doing the right thing. Now if only certain police departments would follow suit.

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