Trump EXPLODES In Morning Meltdown Accusing President Obama Of Treason

Donald Trump threw another temper tantrum on Twitter as the investigation closes in on him.

You know that the investigation must be getting closer to nailing Trump to the wall by how he is acting right now.

Over the last few days, Trump has been trying to blame his crimes on President Obama and Hillary Clinton while simultaneously insisting that no crimes were committed.

It has been a hilarious circular firing squad that Trump can’t seem to stop stepping in the middle of, which is exactly the reason why top law firms in this nation want nothing to do with him.

And on Tuesday morning, Trump threw another hissy fit and accused President Obama of colluding with Russia.

You heard that right. Trump just accused President Obama of committing treason against the United States and then he claimed that no collusion exists. Trump then demanded an apology.

These are the rantings and ravings of a desperate man who knows that his time as president and a free man is running out. The reason why President Obama could not act at the time is because Trump was claiming that the election was rigged. Any move Obama made to stop Russia would have drawn cries of election rigging by Trump, especially had he lost due to Russia being stopped. Also, the extent of the meddling was still under investigation and Obama still retaliated by slapping sanctions against Russia prior to leaving office, the very same sanctions Trump is trying to remove.

By accusing President Obama of treason, Trump has crossed yet another line, demonstrating once and for all that he is unfit to hold office and should be impeached.

Featured Image: David Becker/Getty Images

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