Trump Encourages Supporters To Attack Protesters At His Rallies: ‘We Need More’ Of That (VIDEO)

Leave it to Trump to make excuses for his violent fans and deny any responsibility for the disturbingly common outbreaks of violence at his rallies. He was not only unapologetic, he seemed to defiantly defend the behavior.

During the debate, Trump’s claim that he bears no responsibility for creating an environment that fosters violence, and that his fans are just so angry at what they see happening in the US, was brought up, and he again defended his supporters.

People come with tremendous passion and love for this country and when they see protesters, in some cases [of violence] which I haven’t seen, but heard about and I don’t like, but when they see what’s happening to this country they have anger that’s unbelievable.

Trump’s comments sound like he is excusing the childish bullying behavior, really giving insight into what an America with Trump at the helm would look like: a return to archaic values that place rich, white, male, Christians above all others and he will give them carte blanche to behave any way they see fit.

An America where being in the majority means never having to say you are sorry.

As Kevin Madden says:

I think every organization is a reflection of its principle, and if you’ve been to some of these rallies before we’ve seen instances where Donald Trump has said things like ‘you know, I wish I could punch him in the face, get that guy out!’ and that sets the tone for many of his events.

Watch the CNN segment here:


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