Trump Draws Dead Silence From Audience After This Cringeworthy ‘Mexican’ Joke Falls Flat (VIDEO)

After briefly dabbling with a TelePrompter, Donald Trump appears to be once again going off script in his rallies – and the verbal sewage is at an all-time high.

At a rally in New Hampshire, a state Trump is currently losing by 5 points to Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Republican nominee decided to lash out against Mexicans in a truly baffling way. While discussing how the Mexican government is “smarter” than Obama, Trump noticed a plane flying by and made the claim that it was probably Mexicans invading.

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“That could be a Mexican plane up there – they’re getting ready to attack,” Trump noted to an audience that quickly went dead silent.

Even Trump seemed to realize almost immediately that his joke had bombed hard. Uncharacteristically, his face went slack and he began breathing heavily into the microphone. The moment was painful.

Coincidentally, while Trump riled up Republicans by attacking Mexico, President Obama had just gotten home from a North American summit in Canada where Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto shared a laugh with both Obama and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau when a reporter asked him about Trump. Obama bailed his colleague out by fielding the question himself. (He implied Trump was a demagogue whose ideas weren’t “populism” but “nativism, or xenophobia. Or worse, that’s just cynicism.”Another reminder that nobody burns Donald Trump like President Obama.)

It’s hard to imagine a worse way to deteriorate America’s relationship with its southern neighbors than to elected Donald Trump as president. He can’t even open his mouth on a small stage in New Hampshire without being a national embarrassment.

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