Trump Doomed To Fail: Independent Voters Despise Him

This is the best news you’ll hear all week! Trump is the most hated candidate amongst Independent voters and Democratic voters. So all this talk that he’s reaching across the aisle for support from all sides is pure nonsense. In fact, he remains the most polarizing candidate of the GOP, even more so than Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina.

When it comes to independent voters, the “game-changers” in general elections, Trump garners a shattering net favorability rating of negative 27 percent. Among Democrats, not surprisingly, Trump’s net favorability is negative 70 percent. Gallup Polling offers an explanation as to why Trump is so loathed by Independents and Democrats:

The personality traits that are responsible for Trump’s highly negative image among those who identify with the other party are most likely part and parcel of what makes him attractive to GOP voters.

John Kasich, arguably the most moderate of the 2016 GOP presidential lot, has the best net favorability among Democrats with negative 4 percent. Of the nine Republicans running for president, Trump comes in fifth place for net favorable rating from members of the GOP.

With demographics not on their side, and Independent voters despising their front runner, the Republican party faces a huge obstacle, thus paving the way for a Clinton or Sanders candidacy.

People like Ann Coulter like to say Americans love Donald Trump because of his stances on immigration, and that they don’t hate him because of the insults or the sophomoric rhetoric. Riiiiggghhhhttttt. Actually it’s the other way around. Gallup also found that the more the electorate is familiar with Trump, the more he is hated. When polling voters who are familiar with all candidates, Trumps net negative with Independent voters goes from 27 percent to 30 percent, and from 70 percent with Democrat to 74 percent.

So actually, Democrats should be thanking the media for its non-stop exposure of Trump. As voters in arguably the most important voting bloc – Independents – become more family with the boisterous mogul, the more they hate him. As Republicans move further to the radical right it should come as no surprise that their base still adores him and looks up to him favorably. Fortunately, their base can’t win with Trump.

Thanks Gallup, for proving what Democrats and centrists alike have been saying all along.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore

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