Trump Disgraces Himself Again With DISGUSTING Lie About Helping Build Vietnam Memorial

Donald Trump has been having the worst week in his miserable life. First, he received a shellacking from former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg–an independent–at the DNC in Philly. Then, he saw himself losing to Hillary again in the polls following the Democratic National Convention. And now he finds himself pitted against the worst possible voting block to piss off: veterans.

Donald Trump is claiming that he helped to build the Vietnam War Memorial, but a newspaper account from 1984 claims otherwise.

During a now notorious interview with ABC, Donald Trump claimed that he made just as many sacrifices as our uniformed men and woman. The comment was made in response to Khizr Khan, the bereaved father of an American Muslim soldier killed in Iraq. Making matters even worse, Trump falsely claimed that he helped build the Vietnam War Memorial.

A 1984 Washington Post article revealed that while Trump was on the board to get the memorial built, he blew off pretty much all of the meetings,

One official of the Vietnam Commission, who has attended all the meetings, maintains Trump has been to only two or three out of 20 meetings. This was confirmed by another member of the commission. The first time he attended a meeting was to launch the commission, one source says, and the second was when he arrived with a reporter who was profiling him. (Washington Post)

Indeed, Trump appeared at the first meeting, only to show up again for tawdry publicity when a reporter was doing a story on him.

Once again, we see Trump bragging and boasting about things in which he played little if any part. Worst of all, Trump has proven that he’s absolutely no friend to our fighting men and women. Should enough angry white people show up to the polls and he wins in November, he will treat Veterans the same way he treats small businessmen, women, immigrants, and pretty much anyone who doesn’t kiss his a$$.

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