The Alliance Has Ended–Trump Attacks Cruz In Vicious New Campaign Ad (Video)

Well, it looks like the uneasy alliance between narcissistic reality TV show charlatan Donald Trump, and the Muppet-headed Tea Party lunatic Ted Cruz has finally reached it’s inevitable end. Now, while it may be fun to watch these two egomaniacal power hungry jackals tear each other apart, the real dilemma is deciding who to root for. Much like watching a boxing match between Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones, the best outcome one can hope for is that both parties knock each other out of the ring, never to be heard from again.

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On Friday Donald Trump released a new attack ad directed towards Senator Ted Cruz. The ad shows some of Ted Cruz’s worst political moments as it works to paint the evangelical Senator from Texas as weak on illegal immigration and a shameless panderer on the campaign trail.

Perhaps more disturbing than the ad itself is the fact that Donald Trump is so egotistical that not only does he have to win, he has to utterly destroy any opponent, thus showing the world that he is the absolute undisputed champion of belligerent as*holes. Or as Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski put it:

We will do whatever it takes to win, We will take every opportunity to outline opponents’ positions to win the nomination.

An attitude that may work well in a contest of political savagery such as the Republican Primary, but would surely have disastrous effects if somehow Donald Trump actually became President and had to deal with a divided Congress and combative world leaders. Over the next few weeks as primary season goes into full force, it will be interesting to see just how low the Republican candidates will be willing to go as they slug it out with Trump for the Republican nomination.


Image Courtesy: The Ignorance Equation

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