Donald Trump Delivers Economics Speech In Front Of Pile Of Garbage, Twitter Eats Him Alive (TWEETS)

On Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump decided to deliver a “detailed” economics speech at a plant outside Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Trump attacked Hillary Clinton, saying that she supports trade deals that only benefit “the financial elite.”

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He also talked about manufacturing policy and trade deficits. However, many viewers found it hard to focus on the “substance” of Trump’s speech due to the unusual backdrop. Trump choose to give his speech in front of a mountain of crushed cans and other assorted garbage.

It’s unclear if Trump hoped the background would project images of manufacturing revival, but for many viewers all they could see was garbage. And so the Twitter universe opened a fresh can of sarcasm teasing the billionaire and his horrible but fitting choice of a background.

But back to what Trump actually said. Trump’s trying to overcome a huge polling deficit against Clinton that has him down by at least 12 points in one poll. Trump chose the factory to highlight the loss of manufacturing jobs and what he characterized as bad trade deals made by the Democrats, particularly former President Bill Clinton and President Obama.

He mentioned the North AmericanFree Trade Agreement, introduced by Bill Clinton and the Trans-Pacific Partnership championed for by Hillary Clinton, as the leading causes of America’s manufacturing ills. And polls suggest that Trump’s populist anti-trade message could gain him some traction in a region known as “the rust belt,” which has been hit hard by the loss of manufacturing jobs.

Trump promised voters that he was the savior they needed:

The era of economic surrender will finally be over. … We will have four, maybe eight, great, great, productive years,” Trump promised, vowing to withdraw the U.S. from ongoing talks over the TPP, label China a currency manipulator and renegotiate NAFTA — or withdraw from the agreement if Mexican and Canadian leaders didn’t agree to satisfactory terms.”

” A new era of America prosperity will finally begin,” Trump said. “America will be independent once more. Doesn’t that sound great?

Hillary Clinton issued a response to Trump’s tirade. Her simple answer? Don’t buy it.

On Tuesday, Clinton’s campaign started blasting out a Washington Post article which detailed how Trump has used global trade to enrich himself personally. Clinton also organized a press conference with Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and United Steelworkers chief Leo Gerard aimed at demolishing Trump’s trade rhetoric.

Clinton also hit Trump with what’s becoming a familiar but effective attack concerning Trump’s “America First” facade.

Interestingly, Trump’s own products are made in a lot of countries that aren’t named America,” she said in an economic policy speech last week. “Trump ties are made in China, Trump suits in Mexico, Trump furniture in Turkey, Trump picture frames in India, Trump barware in Slovenia. I’d love to hear him explain how all of that means ‘America first.’

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