Trump Delegate Kicked Out Of Convention For Saying She Hoped She’d See Some ‘N*****s’ Shot

It is no surprise that the candidate who couldn’t disavow the KKK without consideration would draw white supremacists to him like a garbage can draws rats and flies. So, when a Trump delegate gets sent home for gleefully sharing her racism, nearly predicting that “some N—-” will get shot by “snipers,” it is a disgusting reminder that this man and all he represents just moved one more step closer to the presidency.

Lori Gayne admitted to making the following comment under a different name with a photo of police on rooftops at the RNC:

Our brave snipers just waiting for some N—- to try something. Love them.

Make America Great Again means different things to different people. Unfortunately for this country, it is to many Donald Trump voters: “make America white again.” The fact keeps being driven home by those who support him. Over and over again, Trump’s followers show exactly who and what they are and it just isn’t pretty.

Her party revoked her RNC credentials and sent her home after a reporter asked her about her disgusting comments. It appears that she knew it was wrong to talk that way since she used an alias but based on her post just couldn’t help herself — the sight of armed law enforcement officers evoked in her images of killing black people.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

The executive committee of the Illinois GOP party made the decision regarding Fifth Congressional District delegate Lori Gayne after party officials said she confirmed to them she was the author of the offending post, made under a different name.

Gayne was elected a Trump delegate in the March Illinois Republican Primary from the North Side district.

The Illinois delegation strongly condemned her words, saying: “Let me be unequivocally clear — racism and threats of violence have absolutely no place in the Illinois Republican Party or in a civil and inclusive society.” 54 of their delegates were Trump delegates. Actions do, as they say, speak louder than words — and a vote is a pretty strong action.


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