Trump Courts Black Voters With Promise Of Racial Profiling And Police Brutality (VIDEO)

When the issue of reducing crime is discussed, there are two schools of thought. You can try to reduce poverty and increase education, the root causes of crime, by increasing funding for schools and job training, or you can go the Rudy Giuliani route.

During his tenure as Mayor of New York, Giuliani dumped nearly unlimited resources into policing, racially profiling and locking up as many of the city’s minorities as possible. Overall crime in the city was reduced by more than half, but it was achieved in such a brutal and archaic manner that it was scrutinized at every level of government and by every single person who was a stereotyping racist.

Donald Trump, while inflating Rudy’s magical crime reduction numbers to typical Trumpian outlandish stupidity, fully endorsed the Giuliani plan to lock up as many Americans as possible. He called for such a militaristic police presence in US inner cities that crime would have no choice but to fall, thus continuing the problem of systemic institutional racism well into the next century. With an artificial kindness towards the innocent members of black and Latino communities, he called for a policy that tears families apart, keeps jails and prisons overcrowded with non-violent offenders awaiting trial for jaywalking and other such nonsense without bail and ultimately does nothing but add to the root problem of crime, assuring its return tenfold the second funding for quadrupling your police force runs dry.

Here’s Donald’s magnificent plan, as posted to his own Twitter account:

Yes, he’s very worried about the African American families and their “safety.” So worried, he’s willing to employ what has been called the “broken window” solution to crime fighting: Going after low-level offenses and locking people up longer to make your numbers look good. Trump didn’t include that New York was part of a national trend of crime-reduction that was actually led by San Fransisco without a Gestapo police presence. He didn’t mention that Giuliani’s practices have been chastised and condemned by police chiefs and municipal judges across the country and he didn’t mention that there may be alternate methods of fighting that type of crime, like increasing funding for social programs and job training and restoring hope to poverty-stricken communities.

Trump knows about as much about the socioeconomic isolation of black communities since the abolition of slavery and its effect on modern inner cities as he does about any other domestic, foreign or military policy: Nothing.

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