Trump Couldn’t Wait Until Megyn Kelly Got Back From Vacation–So He Could Tweet This (TWEETS)

When Megyn Kelly returned to her farce of a show on Monday, she probably expected to be attacked and called a farce by left-leaning bloggers, because she’s a massive part of the propaganda machine feeding the right-wing lunatics’ nonsense and lies. What she probably didn’t expect was for Donald Trump to be bored enough to pick up his petty, childish little grudge against her for making him look like the sexist pig that he is at the Republican debate.

Alas, The Donald seemingly has nothing better to do. It’s moments like these that Democrats thank all that is good for Donald Trump. As long as a guy this shallow keeps the lead in the GOP primary season, Joe Biden’s pet goldfish could win the general election.

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It started with insults about Kelly’s performance:

Donald Trump, the guy who thinks all immigrants are Mexican rapists, just accused someone of having no clue on immigration. Attacking Kelly for a poor performance is something the left enjoys, because we tend to know what we’re talking about. To see it in print from someone like Donald Trump, who knows less, sadly, than Megyn Kelly or any other Fox actor or actress, makes for a hilarious read, until you realize that he’s not really attacking her for her performance, he’s attacking her because he thinks he’s superior to all women:

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Trump wasn’t getting any response from Kelly, which had to infuriate him. Nothing is more important than his petty little personal wars and Megyn was having none of it. That didn’t keep him from trying:

Still nothing, so Trump pulls out the physical appearance card:

And for good measure, as with the relentless junior high style attacks after the debate, Trump calls her a bimbo:

Thank you, Trump, for once again making the left point out that there are people out there worse than Fox actresses. Megyn Kelly deserves to be called out for her one-sided show based on rhetoric and lies, but to attack her simply being is reprehensible, and exactly what Trump’s doctor seems to be ordering.

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