Trump Company Using Those Darn ‘Rapists’ and ‘Drug-Dealing’ Illegals To Complete Hotel

Donald Trump refuses to backtrack his inflammatory comments made about those who migrate here illegally, because backtracking isn’t what classy and winning guys like Trump do. Yet he’s placing second in major polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. Basically, he’s challenging Chris Christie over who’s the biggest unapologetic a-hole and he’s winning soundly, or at least so far.

Hypocrisy, next to extramarital affairs, is what politicians do best. Trump, although he’s far from a politician, seems to have hypocrisy down stat. We know about that time when Trump was whining on the Late Show about all our jobs going to China, only to seconds later have David Letterman discover that Trump’s clothing collection is actually made in China. That hypocrisy was amateur. No ratings! However, that a Trump company is relying on some undocumented workers to complete a $200 million hotel in downtown D.C. is a form of hypocrisy that the Donald might say is Huuuuuge.

A Trump spokeswoman said the company and its contractors follow all applicable laws. However, following Trump’s ridiculously offensive comments, many of the workers at the site are worried about their jobs. Moreover, many were outright appalled by the man who’s ultimately responsible for their employment. In fact, a large number of them have been talking about Trump ever since his controversial comments.

It’s something ironic,” said Ivan Arellano, 29, who is from Mexico and obtained legal status through marriage. He now works as a mason laying the stonework for the lobby floor and walls of what will become the Trump International Hotel. “The majority of us are Hispanics, many who came illegally,” Arellano said in Spanish. “And we’re all here working very hard to build a better life for our families.”

“Do you think that when we’re hanging out there from the eighth floor that we’re raping or selling drugs?” Ramon Alvarez, 48, a window worker from El Salvador, said during a break Monday morning just outside the construction site. “We’re risking our lives and our health. A lot of the chemicals we deal with are toxic. (Washington Post)

One worker revealed the very harsh realities and difficulty surrounding obtaining permanent legal status.

David Montoya, for example, a 28-year-old truck driver at the hotel site who arrived from El Salvador in 1997, gained temporary protected status from deportation in 2001.

Every 18 months, I have to get it renewed,” he said, in perfect English, adding that he dreams of permanent legal status. (Washington Post)

You might be wondering why these undocumented workers from Central America aren’t raping or selling drugs. Perhaps they might want to work a bit harder, get a successful tv sitcom on a major network, and buy Quaaludes to rape 40 women. The fact of the matter is that all members of races do very sh*tty things; however, to essentially insinuate that each and every illegal immigrant (you know how hard it is to become naturalized?) is Ted Bundy–as the Donald pretty much did– is something different altogether. Worse yet, maybe not vociferously insult this group of people when you need their cheap labor to build your gaudy hotels.


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