Trump Chumped: Artists Destroy The Donald’s ‘Image’ In 12 Hilarious Drawings (IMAGES)

Donald Trump has seen his share of “fan” art and has been rightly roasted in political cartoons over and over again. His push to be seen as nothing more than a flashy, glittery comb-over and uninformed twit is really working, though, and artists have started creating pieces that really capture the essence of Trump.

One of these pieces, and perhaps the most well known currently, is this one:

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Painted by street artist Hanksy you can find this awesome likeness of Trump on Orchard Street in New York.

Painted by street artist Hanksy, you can find this awesome likeness of Trump on Orchard Street in New York. Found on Twitter

The above image is pretty much the most notable of the Donald Trump likenesses, as it really does capture the legacy of his presidential attempt, but there are quite a few more. (Don’t miss this one, a menstrual blood painting of Trump.)

The next one really does the candidate justice, don’t you think?

donald trump

Found on Deviant Art, grobles63’s unapologetic rendering of Trump in a diaper is full of win.

Sometimes, it is what we really hate that defines us:

Trump O'Donnell

Trump’s hatred of women, especially voluptuous women, and especially Rosie O’Donnell, is well known. As seen on

It seems that the ludicrous and unpresidential behavior of the GOP field has inspired paintings of exactly the same solid and understandable material: such as Donald Trump’s hair and Marco Rubio engaged in a pancake battle.

Donald Rubio

As seen on Twitter, this piece seems to be inspired by the absolutely ludicrous GOP behavior.

Art often takes things that we may not see and makes them glaringly clear, like this painting by Kemp1985.

trump confederate

This piece by Kemp1985 on Deviant Art is as accurate, and somehow scarier than many of the others.

Donald Trump never came any closer to military service than Draft-dodging and military school. That doesn’t stop some of his fans from using the image below to try to lend credence to his campaign. It seems to really have the opposite effect, though, if you are not a low information voter and you realize that this is not a modern U.S. uniform.

trump military

This doozy was found on the Twitter account “Can’t Stump Trump” that appears to be an actual fan of his.

Alexis Bittar, a high-end jewelry shop in NY, put this paper mache Trump out for their Halloween display. With a suit made of fake money, and actual bling, this mirror worshiping effigy captures Trump’s narcissism quite well, I think.

alexis bittar trump

This Paper Mache of Donald Trump preening in front of a mirror and covered in jewelry is from the window at Alexis Bittar, a jewelry store in NY. Photo credit to Alexis Bittar

From the absurd and silly, to the realistic portrayal of Donald Trumps fascist ideas, artists have nailed Trump at every turn.

Trump fascist

Adapted for Facebook by Huntress’ Uncommon Sense.

One thing about Trump supporters, they really don’t seem to “get” art.


Trump fans really don’t seem to get it, but they do try really hard. Too hard, actually.

There is actually a surprising variety of Trump art, from the ridiculous to the macabre, and that isn’t shocking because the man himself covers that entire subject area. See, here he is as a “weenie”:


And here as a victim/host for his hair, via Buzzfeed and

Trump hair

Woah, better run away Melania, hubby’s hair is jealous of you!

There is so many more; seriously, the more absurd that Trump becomes, the better the art gets.

*Note: This collection of images is intended to entertain and every effort has been made to credit the artists.

Featured image via Buzzfeed

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