Trump Caps Daylong Rant Against Media With MASSIVE ‘Freedom Of The Press’ Fail – And It’s Scary

Somewhere along the way, Donald Trump completely lost his mind. Maybe it was the rigors of running for president. Maybe it was that the hate in his speeches finally corrupted his heart. But in the past few weeks, Donald Trump, who began his campaign as merely a particularly excitable right-wing bigot, has given way to a profoundly unhinged individual with paranoid delusions and obsessional thought.

The New York Times recently spoke to sources close to Trump and their description of the Republican candidate carried more than passing similarities to Adolf Hitler’s state of mind as his empire collapsed and he sat out the end in a Berlin bunker.

In private, Mr. Trump’s mood is often sullen and erratic, his associates say. He veers from barking at members of his staff to grumbling about how he was better off following his own instincts during the primaries and suggesting he should not have heeded their calls for change.

He broods about his souring relationship with the news media, calling Mr. Manafort several times a day to talk about specific stories. Occasionally, Mr. Trump blows off steam in bursts of boyish exuberance: At the end of a fund-raiser on Long Island last week, he playfully buzzed the crowd twice with his helicopter.

But in interviews with more than 20 Republicans who are close to Mr. Trump or in communication with his campaign, many of whom insisted on anonymity to avoid clashing with him, they described their nominee as exhausted, frustrated and still bewildered by fine points of the political process and why his incendiary approach seems to be sputtering.

There is something very wrong going on in Trump’s head. And it may be flashes of self-awareness of that pathology that led Trump to this week, despite all reason, to declare that he was no longer competing against Hillary Clinton, but taking on the media instead.

According to Trump, everyone in the media is lying. When they quote him verbatim, those are lies. When they cover his rallies, those are lies, too. When the New York Times speaks to twenty separate sources, all confirming Trump has become unmoored? You guessed it. Those are lies.

So on Sunday, while the rest of the country was enduring a heat wave, Trump woke up early and began a daylong, spittle-filled rant against the press.

On and on all day, until shortly after lunch, Trump decided that the very idea of “freedom of the press,” one of America’s defining democratic features, should be called into question to stop people from saying mean things about him.

Trump, who has already suggested he will expand libel laws and has banned many outlets from receiving credentials to cover his campaign, now thinks any paper or network that quotes him, critiques him, or covers him, should be censored. It’s a dangerous idea for any president to toy with freedom of the press, but Trump is more thin-skinned than was once thought humanly possible. The offenses he could agonize over are nearly limitless. No slight is too small.

Needless to say, reporters and media observers were shocked and appalled by Trump’s latest suggestions.

Trump is upset that he’s losing. Badly. But rather than change, he is dabbling in rhetoric that undermines the very fabric of American democracy. Already, Trump and his campaign have floated the preposterous idea that if he loses, it will prove that Hillary Clinton “stole” the election. He’s ordered his followers to blockade polling places in order to prevent Clinton from “rigging” the ballot booths. He believes, or says he believes, that only fraud could explain why he might lose Pennsylvania, a state that twice elected Barack Obama and has Clinton up 10 points.

As moderate Republicans continue their exodus from his campaign, his rabid fans become even more fanatical. He’s not making a pitch to America, he’s selling a narrative to a small population of intolerant, angry, delusional conservative extremists who are more than willing to believe that when their guy says the press is throwing the election, it’s true.

So here’s what Trump’s America has been reduced to: Stuffy convention centers that smell of sweat and body odor as legions of red hats and ill-fitting shirts pulsate with anger at Trump’s ever growing number of grievances and vendettas.

“Lock her up,” they chant. “Trump that bitch,” they spit. The Secret Service must escort American reporters out of the venues for fear that someone may get hurt. And Trump stands above these frothing bitter-clingers beaming. These are his people. This is his domain. The human ear isn’t equipped to hear the lies above the sound of all that hate and anger. No press here anymore, just a sea of red shirts and red anger.

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