Trump Can’t Even Destroy Democracy Right: Plan To Suppress Women, Black Voters Leaks To Press

Donald Trump’s campaign has taken a new strategy in this election. If he can’t win over the hearts and minds of certain voters, he will just target them with messaging that makes them want to sit out this election.

For years, politicians vying for the presidency would campaign to get the vote out. They would encourage everyone to partake in our democracy. Donald Trump is doing things differently. According to Bloomberg, Trump’s campaign has implemented a new negative strategy to shrink the electorate. A senior official to the campaign told the reporter:

“We have three major voter suppression operations underway.”

The campaign has set their sights on idealistic young liberals, young women, and African-Americans. The Trump campaign knows that no matter what they do, they will not win many votes in any of these groups. So, they are using targeted messages to people in these groups that will influence them to stay home on election day.

This strategy is being implemented in place of the work it would have taken to register and mobilize the 47 million uneducated white voters – Trump’s main base – which could have been the source for his “new votes.”

Furthering voter apathy isn’t leadership. Producing advertising to influence American citizens to not participate in having their voice heard in a democracy is shameful – and dirty. We need our fellow citizens to care enough to participate in the selection of our leadership. We need idealistic young liberals, who were fired up for Bernie, to understand that even if their candidate of choice didn’t make it to the general election – their voices CAN influence an election. (Hillary Clinton has moved left as a result of this very influence.) Young women need to be reminded of the sacrifices women who came before them endured in order to be recognized as free-thinking citizens who get a vote! And now, more than ever, with a fight that has not died, African-Americans need to turn out to the polls and make their voices heard.

Any candidate who sets a goal of keeping these Americans from participating in their constitutional right to vote isn’t fit to even be considered as a new leader for the United States of America.

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