Trump Campaign’s Group Photo Backfires When Internet Notices This One TELLING Detail (IMAGE)

Welp, Donald Trump has failed again. For weeks the Republican presidential candidate has been travelling around the country–and even internationally–and trying to connect with minorities. He stands in front of all white crowds telling the invisible Latinos and African-Americans that he is going to be the bestest option for them. Every single one of his sad attempts to drum up support in these communities has failed because minorities did not just suddenly start following his campaign. They have been paying attention to everything he has said and done over the last year and know that he is not the president for them, this is demonstrated in every poll which shows that they do not like him. And now his campaign has demonstrated why they shouldn’t….again.

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway tweeted out a group picture of the Trump team and Twitter users noticed something immediately: it is SUPER white.

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Whoah! This photo is even whiter than Paul Ryan’s infamous interns photo. We didn’t think that was possible but leave it to Trump to hire all Caucasians. Twitter users, of course, had a lot of fun with the snapshot:

Even one of Trump’s own supporters noticed how much of a fail this was:

We all know that Donald Trump got to where he is because he is an unapologetic racist. We know that he is not going to do anything for African-Americans and Hispanics. We know that he keeps failing when he reaches out to them because he doesn’t actually care about them. This is just further proof that he does not deserve to represent our diverse nation– and , frankly, neither do any other Republicans.

Featured image via Twitter

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