Trump Campaign No Longer ‘Self-Sufficient’ — The Donald Now Begging The ‘Baggers For Cash

Trump’s campaign has been a lot of things, and very few of them positive. However, one thing that Trump had going for him was his self-sufficiency; up to this point, Trump’s been financing his campaign all by his lonesome.

Well, not anymore. The Tampa Bay Online reports the Trump Campaign is no longer a self-sustaining machine. Why? Well, apparently a lot of racist, bigoted, hateful Republicans love the idea of Trump being president, so he’s now swimming in more donations than he knows what to do with.

From $1.9 million to $100,000

Everyone — everyone — knows the political finance system is hideously broken. It has the transparency of an Exxon Mobil oil spill; you’d be hard pressed to find a larger gathering of human pond scum.

Bernie Sanders made this a feature of his campaign, and is known for highlighting how gloriously screwed up the system is. This is one of the reasons why he’s trending in the polls right now.
Trump, meanwhile, also made this a feature of his campaign, although unlike Sanders, he endeavored to be self-sufficient. This claim received cheers from all across the country.

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But, alas, Trump can’t make that claim anymore. According to the Tampa Bay Online, he appears to have given up funding his campaign by himself, dropping his self-funding from a $1.9 million donation in the spring to just a $100,000 donation in the fall:

One major revelation from the latest batch of presidential fundraising reports, filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission: Donald Trump is no longer a self-funded candidate. The celebrity billionaire who has sat atop GOP polls in recent months raised $3.9 million in the latest fundraising quarter, only $100,000 of which came from his own pocket. That’s a drastic shift from his springtime fundraising report, when he loaned his campaign nearly all of the $1.9 million it had.

The fact that Trump is getting so much campaign cash from small donors is pretty scary considering the man is endorsed by both Neo-Nazis and the KKK.

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