Trump Campaign In Full Spin Mode After Trump Is Busted Bribing Republican Attorney General

Donald Trump loves to accuse Hillary Clinton of all manner of conspiracy theorist garbage, using the Breitbart recipe of spin, minus context to repeat baseless accusations. When it comes to him and an actual scandal — such as him being fined for an illegal bribe “donation” to Florida’s Republican Attorney General after his fake university “somehow” stopped being investigated in Florida — he thinks that should be overlooked.

Basically, if there is any hint of impropriety by his opponent, that is worth looking into in great detail, even if the only proof of wrongdoing is in the feels of a bitter RWNJ radio host. However, if there is an actual fine levied against him for breaking the law in an obvious act of bribery, that is nothing and should be ignored. Or at least considered a “minor incident.”

Hope Hicks, a Trump spokeswoman, tried to sweep this under the rug after confirming that Trump had paid a fine:

The minor incident was that only 4 days after Pam Bondi, the Florida AG, announced the investigation into Trump’s fraudulent university, Trump’s foundation cut her a nice, fat, $25,000 bribe check. Then the “investigation” died for “lack of evidence.” Nothing to see here.

Looking at the fact that he was fined by the IRS for the illegal $25,000 dollar bribe contribution, it is hard to miss a glaring red flag screaming out “gee, wonder why he won’t release his taxes?” This makes the cries of “routine audit” sound more like he has a lot more to hide.

You see, not only did he illegally use his charitable organization to make the bribe “donation,” it was reported to the IRS he would reimburse his foundation for the fine (not the donation).

The $25,000 donation came from the tax-exempt Donald J. Trump Foundation in 2013 at about the time Bondi’s office was considering whether to investigate fraud allegations against Trump University, the Associated Press reported earlier this year.

Bondi, who has endorsed Trump, did not open a case against the tycoon, citing insufficient grounds to proceed.

So, there is no wrongdoing here, right? Because Trump NOW claims that he never spoke to Bondi about the donations (though he said she solicited him for one before) he just gave the Attorney General of Florida 25 thousand dollars because he felt generous.

Trump doesn’t really have a history of “giving,” and it is well known that most of his charitable contributions are actually just money received from others and passed on through the Trump foundation. Not out of his pocket. But we are expected to believe that suddenly he decided to donate from a nonprofit, to a political entity (ILLEGAL) and it has nothing to do with the disappearing Trump University case.

Yeah, right.

This sick thing is that at this point, a story about Hillary Clinton having a coughing fit is getting more attention than Trump illegally contributing to an AG just before that same AG found that there wasn’t enough evidence to even continue investigating him.

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