Trump Campaign Goes Full Misogynist–Attacks ‘Average Women’ Who ‘Don’t Use Their Brains’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump knows nothing about average unless you’re talking about the size of his tiny hands. His privilege was above average. His schooling, purchased with that privilege, was above average. His startup capital to go out into the world was above average. The only reason Trump has ever come close to average is when he almost screws up the free lunch that is his wealth every 4-6 years. Donald Trump has never dealt with enough typical Americans to ever have any kind of connection to any of them, especially women.

Somehow, with all of the disrespect and misogyny, Trump still manages to find strong-willed, loud and proud women to champion his cause on the talk shows and news panels. In this clip, one of the guru women who serve as “top aide” to Trump, Tana Goertz, said,“the average woman, who isn’t really involved in politics, who isn’t really using her own brain,” votes for Hillary Clinton:

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This poor, disillusions youngster really needs to have herself checked for reality. If she looks hard enough she’ll find that she’s contributing to the stupidity of a nation and go find work far, far away from the toxicity of the Donald Trump campaign. Trump, in the meantime, has kept up his battle against his greatest nemesis: people without penises. Here he is talking about Hillary Clinton using the “gender card”:

Trump certainly has a long way to go in any demographic that doesn’t include white, stupid and male.

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