Trump Campaign Busted For Photoshopping A White Girl To Appear Black (IMAGE)

In yet another edition of “Does ANY Republican have ANY IDEA about how the internet works?!” we find Donald Trump on the receiving end of another dumbass award. This time, it’s for his not-so-sneaky use of Photoshop to turn an extremely white person into a vaguely defined person of color.

Trump always talks about how much he loves “the blacks” and how is doing very well with “the Hispanics.” Does that term sound a bit derisive and offensive to anyone else besides me? Anyway, it seems Trump is telling, at least, a partial truth because he loves them so much he is now creating his own personal “Trump” brand of black person.

One intrepid Twitter user posted a very good comparison photo of the stock white model, and the resulting pathetic Photoshop job, which you can see below:

It’s absolutely the same person. The folds on the shirt would be literally impossible to replicate by chance, and if you look at the skin on the left, it looks like someone is wearing about a half an inch of full-body makeup due to the massive Photoshopping that was done.

Republicans have something of a long history of “blackwashing” in an effort to appear more racially accepting and diverse. Goofs before have been using stock images of people of color in their campaign advertisements, to using out-of-context footage or photos of other events to make their campaign rallies appear to be something they are not. What Trump did was literally participate in the racist practice of “blackface.” It’s grossly offensive and has no place in modern society.

The contempt for people of color is just so strong in this. Trump and his campaign are so white-biased and cheap. Not only was the idea of actually hiring a person of color to model their campaign merchandise something they were not “ok” with, but they are so cheap that they just Photoshopped a stock photo. How pathetic for someone who wants to be our president…

Featured image via Flickr

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