Trump Campaign ‘Accidentally’ Forgets To Remove White Nationalist From Delegate List Before Deadline

Donald Trump’s campaign has a reputation for inciting violence and xenophobia, and the list of people who’ve thrown in behind him includes white nationalists, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and Hindu Nationalists (?).

So it should surprise nobody, then, to learn that Trump “accidentally” missed the legal deadline to remove a white nationalist leader from his list of delegates submitted to California, and it was only because the delegate stepped down that he won’t be attending.

“Database error”

The Trump campaign originally denied reports that it had put down a leader of the white nationalist American Freedom Party named William Johnson as a delegate.

Then, the Trump campaign blamed a “database error” for including him on the list.

Of course, neither of these are likely true, since documents obtained by Mother Jones show that the campaign sent Johnson an email on Monday afternoon congratulating him because they’d selected him to be a delegate.

Monday was also the deadline in California for every candidate to submit their list of delegates. Trump submitted this list “around noon” according to Sam Mahood, the spokesperson for Alex Padilla, the California Secretary of State. The list included William Johnson.

Then, the Trump campaign attempted to send a revised list, according to Mahood:

The Trump campaign attempted to send a revised list after the deadline Tuesday May 10. We informed the Trump campaign we would not be accepting their revised list as it was past the statutory deadline.

The revised list was sent on 1:42 p.m. Pacific time on Tuesday, which was less than an hour after Mother Jones reported that Johnson was a delegate.

Johnson ended up stepping down; it’s not clear how the delegate list will be amended due to confusion between RNC rules and state law. But one thing is clear: even if this was an accident, it says horrible things about the Trump campaign.

What kind of person even considers sending a white nationalist to support them? It’s a good thing to be enemies with terrible people — but Trump apparently disagrees, and I know why: these terrible people are among his most vocal supporters.

Feature image via NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

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