Trump Camp Tries To Claim Rapper Ice Cube Endorsement – Ice Cube Delivers Epic Smack Down

Donald Trump’s campaign’s attempt to pander to African Americans just went from bad to full on trainwreck. And now he’s pissed off Ice Cube.

As part of his campaign’s effort to go from 1 percent of the black vote to, as Trump hoped, “95 percent” of it, Trump’s supporters began circulating a meme that claimed rapper Ice Cube had officially endorsed Donald Trump for president, with the rapper supposedly saying of the Republican “I think he’s gonna do anything he can to help poor people that are struggling.” The image also has a picture of Ice Cube wearing a Trump shirt.


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All of it was a lie.

The shirt photoshopped. The quote fabricated. The endorsement bullshit.

Here’s the actual quote Ice Cube gave Rolling Stone several months ago. Notice how the conservative meme tried to distort it?

“Do I think he’s going to do anything to help poor people or people that’s struggling? No.

On Twitter, a livid Ice Cube set the record straight with a blistering rebuke.

And as if to prove there is no chance in hell he was going to vote Donald Trump in November, Ice Cube put it this way:

You know your campaign is struggling with minorities when a blatant lie about one you didn’t actually get blows up in your face. Now, instead of proving Trump is popular with African Americans, it shows just how unpopular he really is. Surely a campaign with big name endorsements wouldn’t need to lie about one.

Meanwhile, the only celebrities who really have endorsed Trump are Scott Baio, James Woods, and… are there any others?

Featured image via Twitter

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