Trump Calls For Eliminating ‘Freedom Of Expression’ And Jihadi Magazine That DOESN’T Exist In America

Once again, Donald Trump used an incident involving terrorism to gloat and pat himself on the back. Apparently, he’s also a fortune-teller as he said he “knew” that it was a bombing way before the media, adding that he should be a “journalist.” Not exactly, Nostradumbass.

Seemingly emboldened by a now frighteningly tight presidential race and more smug than usual, Orange Hitler believes that “freedom of expression,” the very value that separates us from the dictatorial Arab nations in the Middle East, needs is a major “roadblock” in the war on terrorism. During a call-in to Fox & Friends, Trump suggested that press freedom is stopping law enforcement from arresting the publishers of bomb-making instructions. In what had to be Daffy Donald’s most disturbing comments in a while, here’s what he said:

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“I see the other day, and they’re all talking about it so wonderfully, because, you know, it’s called freedom of the press, where you buy magazines and they tell you how to make these same bombs that I saw,” Trump said in an interview on on “Fox & Friends.” “Now people will go crazy, they’ll say, ‘Oh Trump is against freedom of the press.’ I’m not against. I’m totally in favor of freedom of the press. But how do you allow magazines to be sold?”

Although he didn’t cite the name of such a publication, it’s assumed Trump was referring to Al Qaeda’s English-language propaganda magazine Inspire or jihadi websites that publish bomb-making instructions. But here’s the catch: publications like Inspire are not sold in any newsstands or mainstream bookstores in America. But inventing sh*t on the fly to frighten a jilted public is a Republican cottage industry.

What’s most disturbing about Trump’s ill-conceived comments isn’t his criticism of jihadi propaganda, but rather his cavalier denouncement of “freedom of expression” and “freedom of speech,” the two most important tenets of our  democratic system, as totally  disposable in combating terrorism. Is it any wonder Trump admires Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Listen to the interview here:

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