Trump Called Out: ‘Are You Proud Of’ Teaching White Kids To Torment Kids Of Color?’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s interview on Morning Joe this Wednesday certainly didn’t go as he thought it would. NPR’s Cokie Roberts called out the GOP frontrunner for the impact his bigoted rhetoric is having on American children.

There have been incidents of children, of white children, pointing to their darker-skinned classmates and saying, ‘You’ll be deported when Donald Trump is president.’ There have been incidents of white kids at basketball games holding up signs to teams which have Hispanic kids on them, saying, ‘We’re going to build a wall to keep you out.’ Are you proud of that? Is that something you’ve done in American political and social discourse that you’re proud of?

There have been multiple reports of white children bullying children of other races as a direct result of Trump’s vicious hate speech. A third grader in Virginia was harassed by his classmates, being told that he would be deported from the country if Trump was elected president. The child’s infuriated mother wrote on Facebook:

I just got a call from my son’s teacher… that two of his classmates… point(ed) out the ‘immigrants’ in the class who would be sent ‘home’ when Trump becomes President… They singled him out… because of the color of his skin… In third grade…. in Fairfax County… in 2016.

During a high school basketball game in Indiana, where many of the players on one team were Latino, racist fans held signs with Donald Trump’s face on them and chanted “Build a wall! Build a wall!”

Trump, being the narcissistic instigator of hatred that he is, denied ever even hearing about these incidents.

I think your question’s a very nasty question. And I’m not proud of it because I didn’t even hear of it, OK? And I certainly do not like it at all when I hear about it. You’re the first one who’s told me about that.

I talk about deporting people that are here illegally. We have a country or we don’t.

“But what about the children, Mr. Trump?” Roberts asked, before (and after) pointing out that many media outlets had reported these incidents.

Trump continued to evade her questioning, adding that he thinks his message of “Make America Great Again” is very positive. Too bad that it is really just code for “Make America Hate Again.”

Watch Trump get called out on the impact of his rhetoric on children:

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