Trump Breaks Silence On Melania’s Plagiarism And His Response Is JAW DROPPINGLY Stupid (TWEET)

My fellow Americans, on this, the 47th anniversary of our country landing a man on the Moon, we have achieved a new level of human creativity and ingenuity. And we have Donald Trump to thank for it.

No, really!

Just two days after his wife’s disastrous convention speech in which she not only plagiarized large sections of it from First Lady Michelle Obama, but also Rickrolled the world, her husband, Donald Trump, has tweeted the most perfect defense of all time:

That is a true monument to the human capacity to bullshit our way through ANYTHING. He then followed it up with the mandatory attack on Hillary Clinton:

A normal person would be embarrassed and and apologize. Or, at the very least, a mildly competent politician would find a scapegoat immediately. In fact, just hours after Trump made his pathetic excuse, an employee of Trump’s company came forward to say she wrote Melania’s speech and she plagiarized it.

Despite that, Trump is instead bragging about how much people are talking about his wife’s public humiliation.

Even worse is that the two tweets got a combined 37,000 likes and lots of supporting replies, showing a dangerous willingness for his mindless followers to overlook pretty much anything as long as they get their Great White Hope in to the White House.

As Bob Cesca at The Daily Banter put it:

…Trump will be allowed to get away with just about anything. What’s to keep Trump from ignoring the will of the Supreme Court? Or Congress? Or international treaties? “It’s not illegal if the president does it,” Richard Nixon once said. But Nixon didn’t enjoy the benefits of a complicit news media and a derangement-suffering population of disgruntled baby-boomers to run interference for him. Trump has both.

Trump is not just the single least capable nominee from a major party to ever run for president, he’s the single most dangerous. His inability to admit error or accept limits to his actions would be a death sentence for a nation built on a system of checks and balances. We would literally be tweeted to death by a megalomaniac.

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