Trump Blames The Press For His Refusal To Attend This Year’s WH Correspondents’ Dinner

It looks like this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner will be a little less “colorful” as Donald Trump refuses to bless this event with his terrible spray tan.  According to Trump, invitations are flooding in for him to attend, but much like his comb over, he is refusing to budge.

I was asked by every single group of media available to mankind [to attend this year]. But I’ve decided not to go. Do you know why? I would have a good time and the press would say I look like I wasn’t having a good time

If you saw the 2011 Correspondents’ Dinner, you may remember that President Obama did not hold back when busting Trump’s chops. Some have even hinted that perhaps he isn’t thick-skinned enough to handle the jokes that may be aimed towards him at this year’s event and that’s why he is not attending, but that’s not the case according to Trump:

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I had a great time. I was very honored by all of the attention. The president told joke after joke and it was good. They were all very nice and delivered nicely and I had a great time and told the press. For four years, I’ve read what a miserable time I had.

Apparently the look of disdain is simply not his fault as he suffers from R.B.F. (Resting B*tch Face). Yes, folks, the struggle is real. He insists he had a great time last year and it was simply the media’s fault for “falsely” claiming he was miserable.

The press is dishonest. If the press would be honest, I’d go because I’d have a good time. … But no matter how good a time I had, the press would say, ‘Donald Trump was miserable.’ What would I need that for?

It really is pathetic that he is refusing to attend because he is butthurt over how media portrayed him at an event 5 years ago, even though he claims to have had a good time. Sure, the media may have misread your grimace and stiff body language, but is it fair to say they were “dishonest?” I mean, it’s not like they falsely categorized a whole race as rapists and criminals. Just saying.

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